Women’s Empowerment Forum

Patricia Medina

Palm Beach State College’s Center for Leadership and Professional Studies, hosted an event on Eissy campus in February.
The event titled “Road to CEO: Reflection & Insight as a Woman in Business” with keynote speaker Beth Kigel, the President and CEO for the Northern Palm Beach County Chamber of Commerce.
Kigel, speaking to an audience mostly filled with women, gave insight to her journey up the corporate ladder, while giving her audience pearls of wisdom along the way.  “You don’t have to take a straight line from point A to point B,” Kigel told the audience before detailing her journey to the Chamber of Commerce.
The message she offered was universal, and students should take heart and live by her words.  Kigel, a Florida native, was a single mother, and one of the only women in the Harris Corporation’s Flex Program, during her time there.  She did not let her uniqueness hold her back, she used it to her advantage. “It’s great to be different, people tend to remember you, they remember your face.”
“Don’t let anyone discourage you,” said Kigel, on taking challenges she might not have had experience for, “I didn’t necessarily have the skills on paper.”
She encouraged the women in attendance by letting them know “You can have a full and complete life.  You can be a great mom and have personal interests.”
The event is the first in a serious on Essiey campus.  The next two are on April 1st, and June 3rd.