Who’s Who at Palm Beach State

Winzer Lorissaint

Staff Writer

Edline Francois

Edline Francois

    You normally wouldn’t notice her walking down the hallways or pay her much attention in class, but this young lady has big dreams and plans on accomplishing big things. Edline Francois is her name and success is her game. She is only a college sophomore, but she has managed to get an internship at Scripps Research Institute—one of the premiere research facilities in the entire country.

What exactly is Scripps Institute?

    Scripps is the forefront of bio medical research. We look into problems that the world faces today such as infectious disease, problems with aging, cancer, and pretty much anything you can think of that has to do with bio medical sciences.

After you get done with school what exactly do you intend to do?

Well I’m majoring in Bio-Chemistry so I plan to pursue a career in that area. A bio chemist can do a number of things, but I have three different pathways I’d like to take: medical doctor, researcher, or work for a cosmetics company.

Out of those three which would you rather do?

I have no idea; I’d like to do all three, but I’m only one person. If everything falls through then who knows where I might be. I may speak of these three careers, but land somewhere completely different.

Is there ever a time when you get tired of the due dates, the term papers, and the tests?

Yes, like any student I get a little exhausted, but whenever that happens I tend to go out and unwind. I’m not a book worm. I love going out and getting to know other people and learning the culture they come from. When I do have time I go to the beach a lot; not only that, but I love getting lost in my car with nothing to keep me company except my radio (when I have gas). Studying is important and school as well, but you have to live a little.

Once again her name is Edline Francois: a name that is sure to make waves in the bio chemistry field. Focused, determined, and motivated—three words that describe this young lady.