“What’s on your mind?” Ask Pantherella

: Can I spend the night?
A: The long days are over when there is a man who stays faithful to one woman.  Men want more than one flavor, and they may do so if they don’t get caught but being the sideline girl is not a very pleasant title to have. Yes, you may be the perfect candidate in the physical activities, but mentally, not so much. A sideline chick is not the main girl but usually referred as “the other woman,” who doesn’t get all of the full treatment as the main girlfriend. Some of them became sideline chicks because they are lonely, crave attention, or just like large amounts of intercourse.
You know you’re the sideline chick when:

  • He only calls you during the late times at night.
  • He doesn’t take you out on dates but keeps you cooped inside the house.
  • You never meet his parents, children or friends.
  • If he is not being faithful to his girlfriend, what makes you think that you are the only sideline chick? He may have a couple more.

Men always are puzzled when a sideline woman wants to be more than just a sideline, when they knew their position in the first place. She can never earn the title of the girlfriend unless you are Alicia Keys, but that doesn’t happen often.
From one of our loyal readers who requested to stay anonymous. “When my girlfriend wasn’t giving what I want, or was being difficult I always had my side chick to make me feel better but she knew that she wasn’t going to be my girlfriend in the future and she is completely fine with that.”
With my own experience, being the side chick isn’t easy but it’s all fun; your job is to do. But when I go over at a hotel late at night, late phone calls at night, never meeting his parents or his close friends, and just feel worthless. Yes, I knew my part, but all females have feelings, I couldn’t help feel jealous that I wanted to be his girlfriend.
The sideline might think she is winning in the situation because she is sleeping with someone else’s boyfriend/ husband but in actually you are losing because she can’t get the full benefits of being the top priority girlfriend.