What’s on your mind? ASK Pantherella:

Dear Pantherella

I was in the cafeteria the other day and this guy came up and started talking to me.  He was cute and seemed nice so I gave him my number.  He got up to leave, but as he was headed to the door, he stopped and started talking to another girl.  I thought he had to go somewhere but he was there with her for a while.  What is that all about?  Should I speak to him when he calls?  Should I ask him about her and who she is?  I’m so confused.


Looking for love


Dear looking for love,

When you meet someone for the first time, you really do not know much about them. Besides their first name and the little bit of personality he wants you to see, you probably don’t know much more about this person. According to a recent Facebook study, about 28% of married college-graduates attended the same college.

It’s nice that you think he is cute but if he does call you, you should find out more about him. Ask him about his dreams, his goals, his major, classes, grades, and anything else that’s important to you.

Find out about his family and ask him where he lives and get his phone number. If he doesn’t give you his phone number or address or if don’t like anything else he tells you, don’t waste your time. The last thing you need is a distraction that will interfere with you reaching your goals. Focus on school, the right guy will come along later.

As for the other girl, if he’s the right guy, you can ask him about her but chances are, he going to know other girls besides you. I’m sure you know other guys too!