Welcome Dr. Foster

Dr. Foster

By Natasha Lucas

Web Editor

As the fall 2011 semester begins, Boca Raton’s campus community welcomes Dr. Michael Foster, the newest member of the academic affairs team.  Dr. Foster joined the south campus as the new dean of academic affairs during late summer after working as a private educational consultant in Tallahassee.

Prior to Tallahassee, he spent 15 years with Eastern Kentucky University, most recently as assistant dean. Dr.Foster earned a doctorate in biological sciences from the University of South Carolina where he specialized in cell and molecular biology.Presently, Dean Foster’s main goal is to continue to promote academic excellence and the college’s goals and mission statement. And being made to feel welcome in his new home community has also helped this transition.

“Evidentially , the campus culture is such that people are interested and have invested interest making sure the right person is selected for the job,” said Dean Foster as he remarked about the collegiality and welcoming spirit expressed by the number of friendly people he’s met thus far.

According to Dr. Bernadette Russell, the South Campus Provost, academic and student service deans worktoward accomplishing high academic  standards, rigor and civility through the Professional Teaching and Learning Center (PTLC). Dr. Foster will support this mission by encouraging and promoting academic excellence.

“I am delighted to welcome Dr. Michael Foster as the new Academic Dean of the Boca Raton Campus,” Dr. Russell said. “Dr. Foster will add a new dimension to the Boca Raton campus academic leadership given his extensive teaching and administrative experiences.”