US Congressman Allen West visits South Campus

Geri Olsen, Ameer Shata, Gustavo Salguero, Allen West, Professor Terry Randolph, Georges Henry, David Walsh

By Gustavo Salguero

Boca Raton Reporter

On September 28, the Political Forum Club at the Boca RatonCampus welcomed US Congressman Allen West. Congressman West currently represents Florida’s District 22 and is one of the most popular freshmen in the House of Representatives.

Rep. West is part of the Small Business committee and the Armed Services committee, where serving 21 years in the military provided him a
strong background.

Congressman West delivered a speech to a group of students, faculty and members of the community at the Boca Raton Campus. He shared statistics and other vital information, touching on key topics such as education and our current economic times.

Rep. West encouraged students to do research in order to have a firm stand towards the different situations they are facing now. And after
concluding his speech, questions arose in the audience.

Demands to take action towards the education system and drugs problems of the Sunshine State were addressed by faculty members. Students
also expressed their concerns towards immigration, Veteran affairs and Florida’s ecosystem conservation.

David Andrade, member of the Lean, Clean, Green Ecology Club, shared with the audience and Rep. West his very own version of Martin Luther King Jr.’s speech “I Have a Dream.” Andrade advocated for Florida’s ecosystem conservation and showed the necessity to not let the private sectors take advantage of the state’s health. Due to the length of his statement, he was asked twice to stop reading “his” speech. Allen West
responded by stating his position on prioritizing Florida’s economic stability and the well being of its citizens over all aspects.

The Political Forum Club at the Boca Campus is working on promoting political involvement for the student body.