Twilight Saga. Breaking Dawn Review.

By Geraldine Orentas
Managing Editor
The mid-November the premiere of “Breaking Dawn” was certain a box-office success thanks to the saga’s fan-driven support.  With 139.5 million dollar revenue debut according to studio stimulates, the first half of Stephanie Meyer’s fourth book is on the rise.

The movie begins with the highly anticipated wedding of Edward Cullen (Robert Pattison), aged 108, and 19-year-old Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart). The setting is a dream come true, located in the heart of the Cullen’s mansion in Washington between human family members and vampire relatives from all over the world. A dream wedding for teenage girls all around the world.

Moving on to the opulent honeymoon on a private island near Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. The newlyweds engage in steamy savage lovemaking ending in a room considerable shattered, it barely warrants a 12A certificate.

After the honeymoon, the newly wed couple finds themselves in what seems to be one of America’s must popular issue, precipitated pregnancy, considerable high in teenager. Bella is pregnant with a human/vampire baby, which grow incredible fast leaving her with the option of an emergency caesarean section.

From a stunning wedding, to a romantic honeymoon to a stressful pregnancy, fans were left with a happy ending. As fans left the theatre there was a cheerfully clap and chatter about the fact that Bella is now a vampire. Mothers and daughters were hugging each other in the theater celebrating the new family that these two lovers with a 90-year age difference have created.

The big question that surrounds the film, is it OK to allow a 13-year-old girl follow a thriller that promotes unprotected sex and early marriage? Stay tuned to for student opinions!