Top 10 Movies for the Month

By Geraldine Orentas

Managing Director/ Editor

1. Puss in Boots        

A story about the events leading up to
the sword fighting adorable big eyes cat, with the sexy voice of Antonio
Banderas, is back to delight our little friends ears.

2. Tower Heist

There is no better over-paid star that
Eddie Murphy, in this movie he tries to rob his wealthy robber baron boss

3. A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas

Get in the mood of Christmas with a
traditional holiday comedy with a little 3D twist, and tons of ups and downs.

4. Paranormal Activity 3

If you are up for the challenge of a bad
night sleep, this is your movie. Challenge your friends to see it, and prepare
to see things out of order.

5. In Time

Drop the bottom needles down, in this
movie people stop aging at 25! The only problem is that they have only one more
year, unless you catch Justin Timberlake in the search for an immortal shot.

6. Footloose

Cut loose! Get that rebellious rock n’
roll inner-self out with this movie, and shake it up on the dance floor.

7. Real Steel

Every little boy dream, robot boxing, a
film with emotional action drama and some serious sci-fi ideas portrayed into
the near future.

8.The Rum Diary

Johnny Depp as an American journalist
back in 50s takes a freelance job in Puerto Rico, getting caught up between
island culture and some interesting characters that live there.

9.The Ideas of March

Directed, written and played by George
Clooney this movies goes into the deep reality of dirty politics. These people
are not afraid of getting their hands dirty.

10. Moneyball

Based on the biography of Oakland A’s
general manager Billy Beane’s successful attempt to start a baseball club using
computer-generated analysis to draft his players.