There’s a Difference: Drag Racing vs. Street Racing

Madelyn Marconi

Campus Writer, Palm Beach Gardens


With all of the buzz over the arrest of Justin Bieber in late January in South Florida, the reports of his arrest have especially angered a certain community of people—the drag racing community.

According to the Huffington Post, it appears that the 19-year-old singer was arrested for a DUI and “drag racing” in Miami. This statement frustrated local and nationwide racers around the country.

Their argument- Bieber was not drag racing he was street racing. Big difference! The news of a pop star being arrested for drag racing gives the sport a bad reputation. Drag racing is an organized race that takes place at a sanctioned racetrack with safety officials nearby.

Street racing, on the other hand, takes place on public roads. It involves two inexperienced drivers who race at high speeds. Street racing is illegal and puts other people on the roads in grave danger.

Prominent drag race team owner and driver, Dina Parise, vented in her blog on the matter. “As a Drag Racer I feel the need to want to educate the media (as well as the general public) on the difference between Drag Racing and Street Racing. I have made 100′s calls to local newspapers and TV stations requesting the correction. Their answer? We will make a note of it. Really a note? And the beat goes on.”

Although the two forms of racing might appear the same, they are clearly not. The street racing versus drag racing dilemma has been an ongoing argument that drag racers want to clear up to the public. Racers want to encourage adrenaline junkies to take their racing habits to the racetrack. It is much safer.

It is evident that the news of Bieber’s arrests have stirred controversy throughout the drag racing community. In the end, the facts can all be found here. Drag racing is legal, street racing is not. Justin Bieber was street racing. There is a big difference.

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