The Panther Games

Diana Noethig

Staff Writer, Palm Beach Gardens Campus

Students who participated in this year’s PantherCup pose for a photo.
Photo Credit: Andrew C. Barett, Student Activities Manager, Belle Glade Campus

The Panther Games this year was full of competitive spirit from all the campuses of Palm Beach State. The theme this year was Power Rangers and each campus received their own color for the games. Many games were played such as Tug-O-War, Balloon Toss, Dodgeball, and several more.

Each campus earned points according to the placing they achieved for each game. As the temperature outdoors continued to rise, so did the temperaments of the competitors. Everyone on each team decided to kick it into hyperdrive and do their best to win for each of their campuses. However, only one campus could reign winner and receive bragging rights along with a huge shiny trophy. Every campus played to their strengths, however in the end, the Lake Worth Campus reigned supreme and won the trophy.

The scores halfway through the Panther Games.
Photo Credit: Earl Bryant

Jordan Domond, a student from the Gardens campus who attended and played in the Panther Games, stated, “The event was very competitive between all four campuses. Competition is always a good thing. It forces people to do their best and it also showed what we could do as a team. Everyone was working together to strive to get what we all wanted. To win and bring the trophy back to our campus.”