“The Maze Runner” Movie Review

Mona Abdelwahab

Staff Writer, Eissey Campus

“The Maze Runner” based on the bestselling book “The Maze Runner”, by James

Dashner, hit theatres September 19, 2014.

Unlike many other movies, the movie starts off jumping into the suspense. The movie

started with the main character, Thomas, being brought onto this village-like area in what seems

to be a wooden elevator. Thomas is unaware of why he is there, and cannot remember anything,

not even his name. What seemed to freak him out were the people who were surrounding him.

The characters seemed to be calm, collected and content with their living situation. As for

Thomas, he was more curious about how to get out.

The maze plays a huge role in the movie, hence the name of the movie. As Thomas starts

getting a little bit more comfortable in his “new home” he cannot keep his thoughts away from

the maze. The characters are blocked off from the world by this enormous maze in which no one

knows how to get out.

The “runners” are the only individuals allowed into the maze and their mission is to find

a way out. If they do not find a way out, they have to return back before night or they die. Every

night the maze changes and those that are locked in never survive, according to the characters.

Although Thomas is told that no one, besides the runners, is allowed in the maze. One

can tell he is unsatisfied with this village being his new home. Conflict rises between the

characters as Thomas shows himself to be more of a leader than a follower and it doesn’t sit well

with some of them, especially Gally.

Gally and Thomas bump heads from the very beginning of the movie and it goes from

being a united family to a separated one. It comes down to a life and death situation for the

characters, choosing to stay in the village-like area and never search for what’s behind the maze

with Gally, or to run along with the new kid Thomas in attempt to find out of the maze.

Overall, it was an amazing, suspenseful movie. If one is into movies like “The Hunger

Games,” this is most definitely the movie for you.