The fans felt the Heat

Marielle Larsen

Staff Writer, Lake Worth Campus

On July 1, 2014, 29 year old, forward, NBA superstar, LeBron James’s agent Rich Paul, announced something that Miami Heat fans found displeasing. James was opting out of his 4 year contract with the Miami Heat.

James took the team all four years to the NBA Finals since his arrival in 2010. He received two championship rings and two agonizing defeats. His last defeat, to the San Antonio Spurs seemed to have a major impact on his decision to opting out his contract.

“That last game was brutal, I cannot believe Miami gave up so early,” said Sophomore Bria Mcshaw.

There was clear speculation that he was leaving his new team. The tabloids and sport reporters spotted three moving trucks near his Miami Beach home. “LeBron wanted people to be on the edge of their seat, waiting for his choice,” said freshman Hervela Larsen.

LeBron James became a trending topic on social media, and all sport broadcasting stations. Miami Heat and Cleveland Cavaliers fans were both holding on to hope for LeBron’s decision. His decision would leave one team crushed, and the other team bouncing around in joy.

Miami Heat president, Pat Riley was very disturbed by the “rumors” about LeBron leaving the team. Riley said, “This stuff is hard. And you’ve got to stay together if you’ve got the guts. And you don’t find the first door and run out of it.”

Riley did everything he could to make sure LeBron James stayed on his court. He went out to search for new talented players to compliment LeBron’s basketball skills. Riley managed to get Shabazz Napier. Napier is a fresh time rookie drafted in the 2014 NBA Draft. LeBron commented that Shabazz was one of his favorite players.

Riley also held a final meeting with LeBron in Las Vegas to convince him to stay with the Miami Heat. On July 12, 2014, LeBron made his gut wrenching decision, which left everyone shocked. He posted a letter on sport illustrated that said, “In Northeast Ohio, nothing is given. Everything is earned. You work for what you have.

I’m ready to accept the challenge. I’m coming home.”

Cleveland fans were ecstatic. On the other hand, Miami heat fans were drastically devastated. Miami Heat owner Micky Arison was disappointed in LeBron’s decision. He wrote on twitter, “I am shocked & disappointed in today’s news. However I will never forget what LeBron brought us for 4 years. Thanks for memories @KingJames.”

Sophomore student, Stephen Beach said, “He did what was best for him and his career. I don’t mind him leaving.” On his thoughts on the Miami Heat’s chances to make it to playoff, Beach said with confidence, “The Heat will make it to the NBA Final, and they will win without him.”

Sophomore student, Wesky Jean Louis said, “It really do not matter, and it is a business. LeBron made a decision based on what his wife and children needed and wanted. His wife wanted to be home, but they will be traveling anyways.” Jean Louis was confident that Miami Heat will make through the first round, but not the second round.

Maybe the team can pull it together for a year five in the NBA Finals. LeBron James was Miami Heat’s ticket to the NBA Finals, and now Miami have to work twice as hard to make it to the top. After all is said and done, it has been a wonderful four years for the Miami Heat, and who could hate a man for wanting to go home.