The Duncan Theatre gets hit by a great eruption

Christie Estime

Lake Worth Campus, Staff Writer

When talent, passion, and faith are combined, like mixing certain chemical elements,

an explosion occurs. On July 24th , 2014, on the West Stage of the Duncan Theatre, an

explosion took place, more specifically, the “Gospel Explosion”.

The Christian Fellowship Club, which is led by Palm Beach State’s staff member Geri

Spain, has annually presented the “Gospel Explosion” since April of 2009. According to Spain,

“the Gospel Explosion is a show featuring the unique talents and gifting of individuals.”

Spain also explained that the purpose of this annual event was “to bring awareness to the

diversity of talent on campus and [to] give students an opportunity to perform and share with

their peers, campus and the community the unique gifts that they have”.

Those who attended this event were indeed given the pleasure of witnessing a variety of

talents. These talents included praise dancing, singing, rapping, pantomime, stepping, and even

spoken word performances. Though these talents were different in expression, each commonly

presented itself with a powerful message that was either God-centered or inspirational.

The individuals that performed were actually a mixture of students from Palm Beach

State College and people from the outside community. Terrell Cain, a member of the Christian

Fellowship Club, was one of the students who performed during the explosion. He shared, “I

attended the Gospel Explosion the previous year and the participants blessed me so to where [I]

wanted to have an opportunity to do the same for others.”

Jimmie Banks, (a member of the Christian Fellowship Club who both performed and

hosted this event) shared that “it was a wonderful experience to be in the room with those who

are serving the [Lord]”. He also openly shared what he enjoyed most about the showcase, “the

fact that [it] allowed God to speak through me, because I never wanted to take credit for

anything that God [has] done with me”.

Since this event was open to both students of Palm Beach State, and the community, the

hopeful outcome, according to Spain, was to “bring more unity between the college and the


This unity did in fact take place before, during, and after the Gospel Explosion. It was

before the showcase began, before the lights grew dim, that audience members conversed,

laughed, and fellowshipped with one another.

It was in between almost every performance that members of the audience joined Jimmie

Banks while he sang familiar hymns, such as, “Can’t Nobody Do Me Like Jesus”, “I am a

Living Testimony”, and “Precious Lord, Take My Hand”. It was also after the showcase that

more fellowship took place. Groups of students and community members alike gathered to take

pictures and have showcase related conversations.

, 2014, on the West Stage of the Duncan Theatre, an explosion

For those that were there, this was an unforgettable explosion.