Team Green beats student team at Lake Worth’s first field day

By Lyn Becker
Wellness Center


The Lake Worth campus held their very first Field Day in mid-November. It was a day filled with fun and excitement for faculty, staff and students. Team Green, comprised of staff and faculty basically participated in shifts as it was, after all, a work day. They challenged four student teams for the top prize—the Field Day “Champion” T-shirt.  Despite the wind and rain that initially kept some away, the games went on.  Mother Nature, as if on cue, suspended the rain, when the games began, but not the wind, making for some challenging events, which included a rock-climbing wall, relay races, kickball, softball homerun derby, ultimate Frisbee and jump roping.

The students were randomly placed on teams as they registered, vamped with a few athletes.  Although the teams did not have an opportunity to work together prior to the games, they cheered each other on and played well together, all in the spirit of fun and teamwork.  The staff/faculty team had the biggest challenge as there were different players throughout the day, flexing their lunch break in order to participate. In the end, however, age and experience won out over the youth in total points to claim the prize. A student team, Team Blue, was awarded co-champions, as the declared champions had the benefit of two byes in kickball and ultimate Frisbee.

Fastest climbers were Joe Carlson, Team Blue, on a wet wall at 16 seconds flat, and Kevaughn Thomas made his mark at 15.49 on a dry wall. Toya Roache, made the climb in 35 seconds and was the top female finisher. Thomas and Roache were from Team Purple. Team Green won the relays, kickball and the homerun derby. Team Orange won in ultimate Frisbee, and Team Red won the jump rope event, so every team was a winner.

About 50 student participants, 10 staff/faculty, and 12 student volunteers, including student club members, helped to make the first Field Day a success.

Special thanks to Student Activities, Wellness Center, Athletic Department, College Café and Facilities for working behind the scenes to make this first Field Day possible.