Steps to success, from the President of McGraw-Hill Higher Education

Sarah Baldeo

Staff Writer, Lake Worth Campus


“In order to stay motivated in school, students should take one step in front of the other and perform small actions towards their goals,” publishing executive Brian Kibby told students at the Lake Worth Campus in February. Kibby is the president of McGraw-Hill Higher Education.

Alexandra Solares, a second year student said, “I thought he was very inspirational and he made me feel motivated to achieve my goals in life and become a successful individual. He also knew exactly how to talk to the audience and everything he said was helpful.”

Kibby shared his own personal experiences from college. He said that his father provided him and his siblings with three options when they graduated from high school. The first option was to go to the local community college and live at home for free or find a job and pay rent to live at home while the final option was to enter the military.

Kibby chose the third option to enter the military because he scored an 8 on the math portion of the ACT. When he entered the military he met Colonel Moore who forever changed his life. The Colonel told Kibby that he was not stupid and he needed to go to college.

With the encouragement of that one person, Kibby enrolled at the local community college and began taking basic math courses. Kibby eventually graduated from college and worked his way up to becoming the president of McGraw-Hill. Now he is busy investing in other people. “If you believe in someone it changes them and you” he told the audience.

Angela Crawford, a student majoring in human services at Palm Beach State College said, “Brian Kibby was very engaging and connected well with the younger and older audience.”

Kibby also told students, that in order to be successful, they need to have an accountability partner that will hold them accountable. And every week students should set up smaller goals in order to take action to achieve bigger goals.

He gave the example of himself and about his goals that week. He said that he needed to write two articles and exercise three times for that week. On Saturday his accountability partner would call him to see if he was able to fulfill his goals.

Most importantly, Kibby said that the accountability partner needs to be someone you respect and is afraid of letting down.