Stephanie’s CP and Her

Edline Francois

Staff Writer, Eissey Campus


  The ultimate goal of a college or university is to generate successful students. And, most successful students overcame great barriers to obtain their success.

    Allow me to introduce to you Ms. Stephanie Lerose. Stephanie has Cerebral Palsy, and in spite of her condition, has written her own autobiography titled “Me and My CP.”

Stephanie Lerose, author of CP and Me.

Stephanie Lerose, author of CP and Me.

To begin, Cerebral Palsy is a non-progressive movement disorder that causes permanent physical disability. In other words, it is a “stroke” at birth. Unfortunately, Stephanie was diagnosed when she was three years old.

Although, she had a physical barrier, which gave her all the reasons to not pursue her interests, Stephanie graduated from a public high school and gained acceptance from a post-secondary institution.

In spite of having Cerebral Palsy, Stephanie found her passion in writing. “I wanted to encourage her in writing because I knew she had a gift for it” said Marilynn Tiedemann, Writing Learning Specialist at Palm Beach State College.

Her mother stated that Stephanie began writing when she was about 15 or 16 years old. Furthermore, Stephanie’s mother has been a great contributor in editing the manuscript of “Me and My CP”.

On editing her daughter’s memoir, Mrs. Lerosa noted that, certain memories that she shared with her daughter provided a “different perspective on the same point of view”  “It was an eye-opening [experience] for me”, said Mrs. Lerosa.

Unfortunately, this book is not up for the public to buy yet. Stephanie’s family are waiting for the right opportunity for ‘Me and My CP’ to be published. By doing so, they will ensure that Stephanie’s story will be acknowledged by a great publisher. And it can inspire people throughout the nation.

Apart from being an author, Stephanie is a huge fan of Dr. Phil. In the future, she plans on becoming a psychologist.

Stephanie has demonstrated how far one’s passion for a particular interest can go. Despite the amount of obstacles one may face, success is gained through perseverance, determination, and courage. Stephanie has gracefully portrayed all these characteristics, and she will continue to soar.