By Yona Viuzza
Campus Editor

Mr. Ariel Montalvo, 24, president of Lake Worth’s SGA and a public administration major, knows what he wants. He is determined and organized. According to Montalvo, that helps him a lot to serve students to the best of his ability.

Like other SGA Presidents at Palm Beach State College, Montalvo does not get paid for being a president. “I volunteer my time and efforts,” says Montalvo. He finds
bringing unity to his community and Lake Worth Campus in particular to be the main challenge on his current position.

Despite this fact, however, he admits the privileges that the SGA President position gives him. It provides him an opportunity to work with Palm Beach State College’s top faculty and staff. “I continually have dialogue with the leadership of the college,” says Montalvo.

He was active in student life since 5th grade in school. The main driver to his current position was his trip to Washington, D.C. when he was still in the middle school. “After that I was driven to be a part of America,” adds Montalvo.

He campaigned for SGA President in the 8th grade and from that point on, has always remained active in the student activities life. “Coming to Palm Beach State, running for president of SGA came natural,” explained Montalvo.

For the upcoming semester, he has many goals. However, one of his biggest goals is raising money $25,000 for scholarships and advocating the five legislative issues approved by FCSSGA this year.