Senator Bill Nelson speaks out in Palm Beach

By Aneal Joshua Ramkissoon

Boca Raton Campus Editor 

Senator Bill Nelson joined the Palm Beach Forum Club at the Palm Beach Convention Center in late August to share his thoughts on the current state of our nation.  Ten students from Palm Beach State College were in attendance and had some tough questions for Senator Nelson.

Senator Nelson told the audience that he’s delighted be speaking at the Palm Beach Forum Club, as Palm Beach is also home to his daughter, Nan Ellen Nelson and son-in-law, Michael Kenneth Dixon. He was also grateful that Hurricane Irene didn’t grace us with her presence; however, he said a hurricane is symbolic of the current state of the federal government and economy.

“We need a change of attitude, not a change of rules in order to see effective change on both the State and Federal level,” Senator Nelson told the audience.

Nelson urged those in attendance that we are in need of a tax reform, and we need to realize that both parties in power need to find a happy medium and start respecting each other’s point of view.

Emmanuel Fernandez, president of the Political Science Forum at the Palm Beach Gardens campus asked, “What can our generation do to shift politics or is it even possible?”

Nelson replied, “speak out, people will listen.” He also said the relationship between him and Rubio, which includes effective communication and civility, should be a model for future leaders. Senator Bill Nelson also took the time to share some of his experiences in space and encouraged the audience of 500 that having an optimistic point of view will ultimately lead to change.