Romney visits West Palm Beach Looking for Florida’s GOP

 Mitt Romney greeting Floridians at the Convention Center in WPB on January twelve, Photographer: Gustavo Salguero

By Jared T. Myers

Boca Raton Campus Editor

Along the GOP race for the presidential candidate nomination, Mitt Romney is currently leading the polls in several states and has won in the Iowa and New Hampshire caucuses.

In early January, the Republican candidate Rick Santorum obtained the same percentage of votes as Romney did, but stayed 8 votes behind his contender. Both candidates obtained seven delegates each from this caucus. As an immediate reaction to these results, Michelle Bachman joined Herman Cain in stepping down from the Republican nomination race.

Now with one less candidate on the race by January 10, New Hampshire was ready to host the second Republican Primary of the year. The expectations were high for Ron Paul. Nonetheless, Romney won again with a 39 percent of the votes leaving Paul in second place with 23 percent.

Mitt Romney decided to visit Florida and spoke to a crowd at the Convention Center in West Palm Beach promoting his presidential platform on cutting national spending and repealing “Obamacare.”  The main reason for Romney’s visit was to get some attention from Floridians prior to their upcoming primary on January 31. Florida has a closed primary where only citizens affiliated with GOP can participate in.

If you are registered to vote and affiliated with the Republican Party make your vote count and help decide the Republican nominee for the 2012 general elections.