Ray Rice: Slap hear around the world

Carlos Leon

Staff Writer, Boca Raton Campus

Earlier this year a video came to light that shook the world of professional sports. In this video we see an act of domestic violence that is sickening. It happens every day, everywhere, to people we will never know about, and that is an unfortunate and ugly part of society that we live with today.

Ray Rice showed us exactly how ugly it is, and as a result he was indefinitely suspended from playing in the National Football League (NFL). When the incident first occurred, the NFL suspended Rice for two games. Then, after a celebrity internet website posted the video all over the web, the story took off like wild fire.

The amount of pressure from the media to get answers forced the NFL to rethink their punishment. Like every scandal, there are always different sides of the story. Around school, our students had mixed feeling about the matter.

Gabby Mizraha said,” I believe Ray Rice should return. What he does in his personal life is different, and should not affect his professional life.” Andres Riccio agrees with Mizraha, saying, “He should be tried for his crimes in a court of law, but not be infinitely suspended from his career.”

Of course on the other side of this story, are the people that believe he should never return, like Daniel Ortiz. “His indefinite suspension is fair because domestic violence should not be tolerated,” said Ortiz. He went on to say, “It shouldn’t happen to anyone anywhere.”

While that statement is true, this kind of violence isn’t something new to professional sports. What Ray Rice did was despicable, no question. But, if the NFL is making a decision to indefinitely suspend Rice based on pressure from the media, where is the justice in that? The only thing the NFL proved is just how lousy they handled the situation.