QEP: Explore, Evaluate, Express and Engage

By Aneal Joshua Ramkissoon

Boca Raton Campus Editor

This fall, Palm Beach State College is focusing district-wide interest on its Quality Enhancement Plan, known as the QEP. This
plan works to improve student learning and critical thinking.

Critical thinking is using the skills to explore, evaluate, express and engage in purposeful reasoning in order to reach sounds conclusions, decisions, positions and/or solutions. The QEP is vital to college success because a QEP is required for the college to remain accredited. Without
accreditation, earned credits would not transfer to other accredited institutions, and students would become ineligible for federal financial aid.

This plan will focus on teaching and assessing critical thinking in all programs. This will be implemented January 2012 and will continue for five years. Palm Beach State College plans on bringing the best instructional and assessment strategies that will be identified in all programs across all four campuses. Campus events, projects and workshops will promote and enhance critical thinking.

On September 14 and 15, the QEP held a Sidewalk Day on all four campuses with the support of the Honors College.This event gave students top
portunity to draw or write something that represents critical thinking.

The winners were awarded bookstore vouchers.  “This event was great! It helped bring awareness to students and gave us an opportunity to express our artistic side while furthering our development of critical thinking,” says Geri Olsen, a Boca Raton student. Most importantly – it involves all of us!

No matter what role we fill at Palm Beach State College, we can all engage in this college-wide process and will continue to have opportunities to
participate. As a college community, we have identified critical thinking tobe the focus of the five-year plan.  The QEP will bring positive change to all four campuses and bring unification betweenstaff, students and faculty.