New Year, New You

By: Madelyn Marconi

Well, the year 2014 has arrived! Right about now is when all of the New Year’s resolutions are put to the test. Some people gave up eating junk food, most decided they will start exercising every day while others decided to be more kind and happier. Whatever the resolution that was chosen is up to the person who declared it, but the true test is, how long will it last? Well here is a little advice.

For one thing, it is best to make the resolution realistic and more of a lifelong change rather than just for a couple of weeks. If someone decides to stop eating desserts for the rest of 2014, we can all agree that it won’t happen. Birthdays, holidays, and special occasions are all too much of a temptation to give up all desserts for good. What might be better to do is only eat desserts once a week on a specific day. That specific day will give the person something to look forward to and motivate them to eat healthier during the other days as well.

As for exercising every day, that can be considered a tad bit unrealistic. Instead, it would be more sufficient to dedicate three days a week to exercise for about one hour. A light jog, a bike ride, or even a swim in the pool are all excellent ways to get active.  That amount is plenty of exercise for the average person and it won’t make them feel too pressured to have to keep up with it. Exercising is one of the hardest things to get motivated to do but once the workout begins, it feels great!

“I try to exercise three to four days a week for at least an hour. I don’t feel like I’m obligated to do it, I actually look forward to exercising. It is a big stress reliever for me.” PBSC student, Emily Surmont, said about her workout routine.

The idea of making a New Year’s resolution is definitely a fun way to get revamped about the New Year! However, making the resolutions more realistic is the most important thing a person can do. Keeping goals within a realistic view is vital to keeping up with the new routine that a person has taken upon themselves. It is a new year and it’s time to take work towards living a healthy lifestyle in 2014!