New Provost at Belle Glade Campus


Dr. Maria Vallejo                               Credit:  Gary Moo Young , Science dept. L.W.

Briana Thomas 

Staff Writer, Belle Glade 

Dr. Maria Vallejo is one of the newest faces to grace the halls of Palm Beach State’s Belle Glade campus as Vice President for Growth and Expansion Provost. Vallejo has had much experience at various universities and colleges working as a crisis counselor, associate dean, and vice president before being recruited by Palm Beach State’s very own, President Ava Parker. Parker decided to shake some things up by reorganizing, which involved promoting all provosts to vice presidents of the district. With Dr. Vallejo being a senior provost by being with Palm Beach State for 17 years, Parker wanted Vallejo to be working at a campus where she was most comfortable. Vallejo chose yours truly, Palm Beach State’s Belle Glade campus. With that being said, one of our students had something to say about Ms. Vallejo, “I believe that Ms. Vallejo was the perfect choice for this position because you can tell just how much she loves helping people. If you walk up to her to greet her or if she sees you first she always has a smile on her face for you.” When asked what she plans to accomplish while being provost, this is what she said, “The most important thing to me is that students get the same service here that they would get at any campus.” Dr. Vallejo is set to be the provost at the upcoming Loxahatchee Groves campus as well.

Photo Caption: Dr. Maria Vallejo

Credit:  Gary Moo Young , Science dept. L.W.