New books, new looks

 Michelle Ramirez

Staff Writer, Belle Glade


            The Belle Glade campus library has a new and improved look due to the plans of Marisha Kelly, Halimeh Shatar, and other staff who have contributed to the library’s update.PSX_20140417_093031

            They converted space, shifted collections, and eliminated stacks of old books, according to Ms. Kelly.  There is now a room in the back for group studies and a comfy magazine area in the entrance. The change was made to create an effective learning environment, with the goal of improving student productivity.

           The library also contains new items, such as iPads with health and anatomy apps. Books regularly come in, and Ms. Kelly asks that students and staff give recommendations.

         PSX_20140417_092717   Many students require help outside the classroom, and library staff is available to assist students. Library hours are from 8:00am – 8:00pm, Monday thru Thursday, and from 8:00am – 12:00pm on Friday and Saturday.  When you go, you are sure to see Ms. Kelly waiting to greet you at the entrance during many of those hours.

The interaction that takes place between librarian and student is what makes the job special to Ms. Kelly. “You learn from us, but you teach us something new every day.”PSX_20140417_093100