Marijuana decision to impact Floridians Future

Marijuana decision to impact Floridians Future

Alexandra B. Desravines

Editor, Lake worth Campus


    “Using drugs is a copout, and escape from reality” said Kevin Sabet at the Marijuana Debate that took place at Palm Beach State College. Sabet, also known as the “Quarterback” of new anti-drug movement according to, is the director of Drug Policy Institute and assistant professor at the University of Florida College of Medicine, Division of Addiction Medicine, and Department of Psychiatry.

     Opponent Aaron Houston, a well-recognized advocate expert on drugs, said that the “profit potential for selling Marijuana is huge” referring to the impact the legalization of medical marijuana could have on the United States’ economy. Houston argued that innocent people were put in jail for the simple act of taking their medication.

    During the 90 minute debate, Sabet stated that the legalizing of medical marijuana would be like opening up another tobacco industry and added “tobacco companies are making money off addiction,” afterward Houston responded with “It’s not fair to compare the legalization of marijuana with tobacco.” Parents of Sabet shared that “his high School friend died from an overdose and since then has been affected.” Which would explain Kevin Sabet’s opposition to legalization of medical marijuana.

The legalization of medical marijuana seems to be an important topic in next year’s gubernatorial election. Florida Governor Rick Scott, opposes the legalization of medical marijuana, while his opponent Charlie Crist supports the initiative.  Crist is ahead by 7 points in the poll, according to Quinnipiac University poll released on November 21st for the 2014 election.

Alexa Lee, the Palm Beach county substance awareness coalition worker, whose stand is against the legalization of medical Marijuana, stated “they [attendee] should attend the debate and then make a decision” referring to attendees who were signing petitions before hearing the debate.

Marijuana has been a hot topic this fall, since the supporters of the ballot to legalize marijuana, and the petitioners pushing for action to take place, are in the thousands. The part-time petitioner and security guard Travis Daris, who has no medical need for the legalization medical marijuana said “Legalizing Marijuana would bring revenues in Florida.”

The Marijuana debate hosted by Palm Beach State was put together the by the Palm Beach County Substance Awareness Coalition, with the help of volunteers from the Palm Beach state college students and faculty. The event drew hundreds of people from diverse backgrounds of the community.