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theater thespian

~ A Day in the Life ~

Rusty Griffin, a sophomore at Palm Beach State College, who’s working on his Associate of Arts degree in Film/Theatre. He is currently the Secretary of the Drama Club on the Eissey Campus, and was a member of the Circle K Club.

Friday: September 13, 2013
9am: After being awake for about an hour, I open my iPad and start reviewing discussion points and topics for our upcoming meetings. I review the script for our upcoming production of “Our Town” by Thornton Wilder and I wonder who will play each character… whether one of my friends will play one of the characters that dies. I get a bit depressed for a minute, then remember it’s just a play. Then, some homework!
12pm: I arrive on [Eissey] campus, my homework not fully done but I’ll do it in a little bit. Before I head to class, Rochelle, the president of the Drama Club, has me doing some tasks dealing with the promotional aspects of the play and our club—printing out flyers and things like that. After class you bet I had to go and get those things done, because if I don’t, I’m sure I’ll never hear the end of it.
3pm: After I went over tasks for the club to everyone, we have roaming auditions taking place. John Sabo, the director of the upcoming play and club advisor, is having different people try out lines and characters. Looks like I’m next! Time to put away the journal!
6pm: Drama Club is finally over for the day. Though I’m tired, I still do my duty and take notes on my iPad, discussing matters with everyone, letting them know when we’ll meet next and things like that. I always make sure everyone’s clear of what to do so no one is lost.
9pm: After a hearty dinner of bacon and eggs, I’m going over my lines for the character George Gibbs. I try to fully memorize the lines before I give the character some depth, emotions, and feelings.

Question: How would your closest friends describe you?
They probably think I love and crave attention, since I love being on stage. They also think I’m funny when I’m not even trying to be, so they must find me entertaining too, as well as the kind of guy that finds it hard to be serious.
Question: What’s your favorite thing about drama?
My favorite thing is the opportunity to bring people into a fictitious world completely created from the mind of one person, and entertain the crap out of them!
Question: What’s next for you?
Right now I’m preparing for the Drama Club’s next production, “Our Town” by Thornton Wilder (the Drama club is celebrating the play’s 75th anniversary) which is going to be held at the Eissey Theater November 22-24 (FREE admission). In the distant future I plan on attending FSU to pursue voice-acting in animation.
Rusty Griffin shared with Ashlee Malkin
Campus Editor, Palm Beach Gardens