How to get ready in five minutes?

By Geraldine Orentas

Managing Editor

Running late for class is not an excuse to wear pajamas and slipper in the classroom, unless you are actually wearing a printed pajama pant, which in that case, go for it.

Obviously the time between waking up, brewing coffee, organizing books, eating breakfast, putting on makeup and styling an inspiring outfit is not necessary to pull it off. But just because there is not much time to succeed at all this task, doesn’t mean you have to look like a late sleeper.

Here are a few quick fashion and make tips on how to create a look in five minutes that usually takes an hour.

  1. Wear big jewelry: A big accessory will give you instant glamour, choose a necklace
    that’s long enough that you can wear it with a plain t-shirt so you don’t have
    to bother about the style.
  2. Look for stripes: Thin Breton stripes shirts are traditionally classic and refined
    pieces that will make your look instantly polished.
  3. Forget the blow-dry: Choose a hat to hide a messy hair, other alternatives are scarves or French braids that will effectively distract any kinks in your hair.
  4. Double the makeup: Choose makeup products that do double duty. For example tinted moisturizers work like a foundation, cheek stainers can be used as a blush and lip-balm, andthen if you have ten extra seconds don’t forget to add a mascara that dries fast.

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