Have fun for cheap!

Soriyah McCollum
Staff Photographer, Eissey Campus

Being young and fun-seeking, college students are always trying to turn up. But as college students, it’s not always easy to go out. So if you have a little cash on you, here are some things you can do for under $20.
Gather some of your friends and take a ride to the beach or park for a picnic. You can enjoy a pretty scene, fill your stomach and laugh with your friends all at the same time.
If a picnic doesn’t seem appealing, you and your friends can go to Clematis. They always have different events going on with music and food. There is also plenty of interesting stores to window shop in. You can even just sit in one spot and people watch. You’d be surprised of what you see.
If you have a helping heart, you could volunteer for an organization.  There are plenty of places that need help from young and active college students. Painting houses, interacting with children, or helping pick up trash are some good ideas. Inviting some of your fun friends should assure that you don’t become bored and tired.
For those who like to exercise and be active, go to the park and bike ride along a pretty view. Or start a pickup game of any sport that you like, you may even meet some new people that have the same interests as you that will be down to have some cheap fun next time!