Gotta App em’ All: Summer’s Obsession over PokémonGO

John Perez

Staff Writer, Lake Worth Campus

The summer of 2016 will likely be remembered as one of nostalgia and fellowship. This is because of one of the most innovative and fan-conscious inventions of our time: Pokémon GO. Poké describes their app as one that allows users to “get on their feet and step outside to explore cities and towns to find and catch wild Pokémon.”

This Pokémon game differs from those that are released on traditional gaming systems because the augmented reality nature that resides in the app lends the player a surreal interactive experience.

The main objective of the app is to locate, attract, or hatch Pokémon in a user’s general vicinity by either walking or sitting in certain areas.

Players are separated into three factions: Team Valor, Team Mystic, and Team Instinct. Once one becomes a member of their chosen team, users are able to catch Pokémon by throwing digital Poké Balls that are given to players when they are near Pokéstops, which are usually found at predetermined landmarks that are present in the city or town one lives in. Once a player reaches a certain rank and has a bevy of Pokémon at their disposal, one may decide to battle rival teams at Pokémon Gyms in order to take control of the Gym for their team. 

Wesley Cruz, a Palm Beach State College student, detailed his experience playing the game over the summer. He classified himself as a casual player who used the app for a short time. When asked about what he liked most about the app, he said that he “liked how it brought people together.”

This sentiment was echoed by most of the Palm Beach State College students that were interviewed because this is what makes Pokémon GO fresh and unique. People of all ages, creeds, gender, and race are allowed to come together to partake in something that is fun and engaging. Cruz believes that Pokémon GO “helped everyone put aside their differences so they could connect and do an activity that brought back memories in older players, and created new ones for young kids.”

Pokémon GO was indisputably the most influential app of the summer because of what it sought to and eventually achieved: wholesome and interactive fun. Although it has its imperfections, it gave adults the chance to live their childhood lives once more and young children an opportunity to have life-long memories.