Google Smart Lens for Diabetics

Edline Francois
Staff Writer, Eissey Campus

Google X has been a pioneer of modern technology. Apart from creating the “Google Glass”, which is practically a portable computer, Google has engineered a contact lens that will help people who suffer from diabetes.

To maintain their health, diabetics routinely prick themselves to measure blood glucose levels. With this invention, diabetics would not have to draw blood in order to measure blood glucose levels. The “Google Smart lens” would measure their glucose levels through their tears.

According to Google’s Official Blog, Google X is engineering a precursor that can read blood glucose levels once every second. They are also creating a safe way for the readings to be displayed to the wearer of the lens. One of the ways they have proposed was a Light-Emitting Diode (LED) light that would flash to indicate the blood glucose level to the wearer.

“That’s cool!” exclaimed Amanda Bassoff, sophomore at Palm Beach State College.

Bassoff’s father suffers from this chronic condition. She said that this invention will alleviate the social stigma of diabetics to society.  And it would allow diabetics to feel normal. Overall, Bassoff believes that the Google Smart Lens will help her father manage his condition much easier than constantly pricking himself.

This idea may sound preposterous because tears are composed of salts, antibodies, lysozymes and water. However, Google X has found a way to measure blood glucose levels through the wearer’s tears.

So far Google X has succeeded in their clinical trials. Despite Google X’s success, they are continuously researching and plan on collaborating with experienced partners in the biomedicine technology sector of the market to advertise this invention.

“[This invention is] incredibly weird,” said Taylor Durrance, a sophomore.

After some thought, Durrance agreed that this invention will aid in her grandmother’s chronic condition. However, she is not fond of the idea of a computer on her grandmother’s eyeball.

“She sees me put in my contact and she thinks it’s weird. Let alone her doing it herself,” said Durrance.

All in all, Google X has not revealed a date or year that this lens will be released for consumer use. However, Google smart lens is going to have a massive impact on the biomedical community.