Give love, not flowers

Paris Kinsey

Staff Writer, Eissey Campus


Chocolate coated treats, enormous stuffed animals and a dozen red roses, sounds like a match made in heaven, right? As for the students at Palm Beach State College, these cliché gestures are everything but genuine.

Andrea Zuluaga, a freshman said “If you care about what you’re going to get for Valentine’s Day, then you’re not really doing it for Valentine’s Day, but just for the presents.”

Family, friends and happiness are just a few of the many words used by the students at Palm Beach Gardens Campus, to describe their plans for the upcoming holiday.

The holiday widely associated with “love” has become extremely commercialized.  One’s romantic relationship status dictates how good of a Valentine’s Day one will have. Criminal Justice Major, Alex Osorio said “Society puts Valentine’s Day as relationships, but how I grew up it was about family.”

Teddy Bears and Cards are great but in the words of Nursing Major Sheena Simmonds “I don’t think Valentine’s Day should be for just one day, it should be year round.”

On being in a relationship and celebrating the 14th of February, P.A. major, Annie Vo stated “I have a boyfriend and it is just a normal day for us, we’re not in “puppy love”, we’re getting older, we don’t expect to be fancy.”

For students who may feel as if the approaching holiday is just a painful reminder of your relationship, or lack thereof.  Biology Major Laura Llanos had some great words of wisdom “Just chill, you don’t have someone to spend the holiday’s with you can stay at home, have quality time for yourself or go shopping!”

“Even if you’re single, don’t be depressed about it,” Business major Diane Ho added “If you’re independent, be proud of it and do your thing!”  Embrace and spread and the true essence of the 14th of February which is “love”.