Get to the KNOW

Miraide Regisme

Staff Writer, Lake Worth campus


Imagine you met the man of your dreams “the perfect man”, or better yet the woman you consider “the wifey type” that met all your expectations? Then what? You fall in love. For most people, that’s how they describe their partners to friends and relatives “ He’s everything that I ever wanted in a man. She’s the girl for me” as they usually put it. Nonetheless the hardest part seems to be keeping him or her and accepting them after learning about their flaws and their needs.

Bailey Brinson, the founder of Getting To The Know,  which stands for  Knowledge, Needs, Opportunity, and Wisdom stated that “ Not everyone’s always going to agree or view things the same way, but that’s okay, we can agree to disagree and still move forward to have a positive and constructive relationship.”

To be able to have a less stressful relationship, one must know their companion’s likes and dislikes which leads the individual to be aware of their needs, meaning what they find as a necessity to receive from their partner such as trust, spending time together, etcetera… And by knowing the good and the bad about that person, you have the opportunity to avoid disagreements or situations that might lead to unfavorable circumstances. As a result, you gain the Wisdom of having a better judgement of who you are in the relationship with.

Mr. Brinson shared two activities with the students, No Show and No Flow. No show was an activity based on clarification, showing how to understand what your partner is saying. By using the phrase “ Correct me if I’m wrong”  and repeating what the person said, helps to ensure the message the person is sending is what you’re receiving.

The second activity was No Flow. If there is no conversation between  you and your partner to reach a balance and compromise, the relationship will not flow properly or smoothly to the next level.

Wesley Klemas, a student who attended the workshop said “ The Love & Relationship workshop was Insightful and exciting.  It kept people going, it made them think and  I believe they all will remember what came out of it.”

Agreeing with Wesley, Alex F. another student said“ It was fun to pay attention to, it kept my attention and I get the chance to put my input into things and be heard.”

Next time a relationship is not working out for you, ask yourself  “How am I presenting myself to my partner?” instead of jumping to the conclusion she/he don’t understand you.

To save yourself all these troubles, before you conclude that’s the right person for you Get To The Know.