Gardens Campus celebrates Veterans Day


By Yona Mishanina

Palm Beach Gardens Campus Editor

Palm Beach Gardens Campus celebrated Veterans Day on Nov. 10. Jupiter Veterans Center, Student Activities Center and Veterans Club at the Gardens came up with the celebration idea in the early October. The Student Government Association created a senator committee to help set up the event.

“I feel so grateful that there was a committee who took charge of scheduling the event!” said Samantha Knox, Veterans Club President.

According to Knox, there are over 1,000 veterans attending Palm Beach State College and 205 veterans who attend Palm Beach State’s Eissey campus . She also points out that this event is essential for this campus as many veterans, like many other students, have jobs and families.

“It is hard to reach out to everyone andnotify of our services,” said Knox.

The main purpose of the event is to raise awareness of students—veterans on campus, promote their rights, and also let those students know that Palm Beach State College cares about them. According to Knox, Palm Beach State College hosted the Veterans Day Event in order to honor ordinary people who have undergone extraordinary circumstances to protect the United States.

The program of the event included U.S. Navy rock band, who played live in the Amphitheatre. Veterans Club displayed uniforms and medals of all branches of the U.S. Military service. Along with other clubs’ members, senators from Student Government Association were present at the event as well. They were wearing their campus shirts and “ask me” tag and were answering questions as well as explaining the importance of the event to those interested.

This event is the first in the history of the Palm Beach Gardens Campus. Student Government Senator and Veterans Club member Nathan Deleon said, “I like all the support that school shows to veterans. I like that they do care.”