Freshman Culture Shock in College

Allison Bangert

Staff Writer, Boca Raton Campus

For nearly 12 years, students’ minds around the world are engraved with the idea of

college. The essence of college seems so far away up until high school, where it is the main

topic of discussion. For those four years, a student is wrapped up in extra-curricular, AP

classes, community service, anything and everything in effort to get accepted into a college.

The transition from college to high school is contoured differently for every student. A lot of

students struggle immensely with the work load, while others believe it to be too simple.

“I think the biggest transition for me is the lack of a sense of community amongst students,”

shares freshman, Katie Krause. She explained that in high school everyone talked to each other

and engaged in more activities versus college. College introduces the idea of going to class to

actually complete the class, not to avoid truancy charges. Every student in attendance at a college

or university is there by their own will. Essentially, the ambiance of independence is embracive

to some incoming freshman.

“I didn’t think it would be this easy. I think high school made it seem like so much more of a big

deal,” claims freshman Joshua Salama. He contends that his high school definitely prepared

him for college, and then some! College is different for everyone, but regardless, entering

freshman should buckle down and be prepared for anything.