Five awesome perks of starting a blog

Samantha Johnson

Boca Raton Campus Editor


Social media platforms have created countless opportunities for anyone to pursue a vocation or hobby online. One of the most popular online activities is blogging, which involves creating original content on one’s personalized web domain.

A blogger’s objective depends on his/her interests. A blog can aim to empower different causes, share knowledge about a specific field, or simply provide entertaining content. In the act of sharing original content, such as writing, photos, or videos, bloggers keep an online diary that engages viewers.


Oftentimes, bloggers use all forms of social media, such as Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, or YouTube to attract more followers. Leslie Roman, a student from Palm Beach State College, says, “I just find amazing how a blog starts with few followers, and then one of the videos or pictures goes viral and ends up with over a million followers.”


Over time, blogs form communities consisting of loyal followers and viewers. The community interacts with each other and with the blogger, creating a space for dialogue on the blog. A blogger’s consistent engagement with his/her followers is crucial to attaining the benefits of blogging, which largely have to do with branding.

Branding is the most profitable aspect of blogging. Here’s how branding a blog works:

1. Bloggers can attain sponsors. The community of followers that the blog has formed will likely share the same interests, since the blog is united by its original content. Companies that sell products related to what the blog may be about will often offer free services or product trials to the blogger if his/her blog receives a lot of traffic. For example, a hair salon may contact a fashion blogger to do a hair treatment so followers can see the product being used by the blogger.

2. Companies might send popular bloggers products relevant to the content of their blog. The blogger is then able to review the products for his/her followers.

3. The blogger may also have an exchange with relevant companies in which he/she promotes a personalized code or website link to the company’s product. The amount of sales as a result of followers purchasing the product through the blogger’s promotion is then divided between the company and the blogger. Sometimes the amount of clicks the product link receives determines how much the blogger earns.

4. Collaboration between brands and bloggers is common. If the blogger uses a certain brand consistently and his/her followers are interested in that brand, the brand might release a product designed by the blogger. The blogger can model products or become a brand ambassador, which leads to sales to his/her followers.

      5. The startup of a blogger’s own brand is also a significant threshold he/she might pass. If the community that the blog formed is significantly sized in number, then the launching of a blogger’s original brand with products is quite possible. The blogger’s engagement with his/her followers creates a viable market for sales, leading to a multifaceted blog with original content and products.

The possibilities and benefits of being a blogger are countless, from sharing one’s thoughts to collaborating with companies in selling their products. Thus, having a blog is one of the most rewarding online practices.Beauty_Youtubers