Fashion Tip Of The Month: How to wear winter clothes in Florida?

By Geraldine Orentas

Managing Editor

When the weather forecast is gloomy, mostly cloudy, 80 percent of precipitation and 35 degrees, it’s definitely not Florida. Probably that’s the reason why Florida is so popular among many, but for some fashionistas, the thought of having a winter without scarves and boots is devastating.

Most of the trend-spotting pages from top magazines including Elle, Marie Claire and Vogue have pages filled with winter accessories like faux fur vest, hiker ankle boots and chunky sweaters. However, in Florida these picks might kill someone with temperatures rising up to 80 degrees, but this is not a reason to avoid winter trends.

In order to achieve a warm cozy look that at the same time channels a fresh style, balance is crucial. Beginning with shoes, look forward for ankle boots instead of high-knee pairs and pick them in smart materials like suede or leather instead of chunky wool.

The key word to achieve the perfect harmony is layers. Ideally using separates or pairing dresses with jackets or sweaters to create the impression of classic winter outfit.

For the separate selections, pick soft airy pleated skirts–something that resembles the 50s style current trend–move towards lace skirts or shorts for the bottom half, and when necessary pair them with colorful opaque tights, or leave it to the ankle boot to provide the heat.

One of the most popular trends this season includes sheer fabrics; this is a benefit for Floridians because this type of fabric is very fresh and can easily be layered under a jacket whether its leather, denim, sequins or cotton.

Don’t forget about accessories, they can easily change a look into winter within seconds. As always scarves are huge this season, specifically colorful silk ones, tie them in different styles to achieve the desire final look, play with textures and colors to bring any frock to life.

Every once in a while, especially if it’s raining add a velvet flat hat, they’ve been featured in every hot-trend list out there, plus they enhance any look into a more down-to-earth bohemian look.

Just remember, don’t be afraid to add layers of clothes! You can always take out the jacket if it gets too hot or throw in some tights if it gets chilly, the trick is to enjoy yourself and