Dress for the job you want, not the one you have

Quezia Salgado

Staff Writer, Boca Ratn Campus

A college career provides more than an education; it offers a safe environment where young adults can prepare to face the challenges of the “real world”, with the help of dedicated professors and fellow students. For this reason, the Career Center at the Boca campus, under the direction of April Rosenblatt and her team, have the mission of preparing students for careers in every way possible. To give students some assistance in this regard, the Career Center hosted the event ‘Dress for Success Fashion Show’, in February.

The event included everything from a runway show, to a free delicious lunch for attendees, as well as prizes and gifts.  Sponsors Plato’s Closet of Boca Raton, and Soblo Hair Salon were in charge of the wardrobe, hair, and makeup showcased by students, faculty, and staff.

On her second time attending, Laura Santana said: “I came last year and really loved the event; my favorite part was definitely the runway show.” Among the student models was the very enthusiastic Criminal Justice Major, Khamis Shatara, “I really enjoyed everything; I met great people who are career-oriented and have the same interests as me.”

Human resources consultant, Carol Horner of CareeZing.com, was the day’s keynote speaker. She gave tips about how to dress for career fairs, interviews and work, sharing what goes inside a hiring manager’s head when meeting a potential employee.

According to Horner, some of the main things to keep in mind when getting ready for an interview or meeting people in a professional environment are: avoid invading the person’s personal space by standing at an arm’s length distance; use the same handshake for men and women with a firm grip. In addition to dressing appropriately, Horner stressed that being prepared and knowing the subject of the interview will naturally increase confidence.

For the second time around, the results from this event have been nothing but positive, “I had the good fortune of putting this together for the first time last year; it was popular, so based on student request we had another one this year,” said Rosenblatt. Palm Beach State College students should take advantage of all the assistance offered by the Career Center, and expect more events like this in the future, always with the goal of equipping students to become the best professionals they can be.