Dress for Success


Dress for Success started out when law student, Nancy Lubin, received an inheritance and decided to share her good fortune with women in need by starting a business clothing boutique out of a Manhattan church basement.

Since then, the program has expanded to over 20 countries helping almost one million women. There are dozens of local chapters located all over the US, including one right here in Palm Beach County at Palm Beach State College.
The Dress for Success Next Steps program is geared towards women ages 18-25, but female students of any age are encouraged to apply. Interested students can simply contact the Palm Beach State College Lake Worth career center at (561) 868 – 3066 or visit it in room CT104.
If a student signs up too late or the program doesn’t fit into their schedule, students can reapply the following fall or spring term. The class requires some commitment as it meets every Tuesday for a duration of ten weeks.
Students will spend almost three hours per week with a caring team of well-seasoned individuals who will guide and encourage them though the entire process. They will learn and fine-tune highly valuable skills such as resume and cover letter writing, and job search networking. Mock interviews will also be conducted to help participants learn how to prepare for their first job applications.

Angelia Xavier
Photo Courtesy of Angelia Xavier

“Dress for Success has opened my eyes in so many [ways],” says former Dress for Success student Angelia Xavier, “including the confidence to apply for jobs that I am well qualified for.”

Cherlande Collin
Photo courtesy of Cherlande Collin

Dress for Success also has professional women from various careers come in to speak. Students have access to the Dress for Success boutique, where they walk out with entire business interview outfits, with advice from a team of experienced and caring individuals. Dress for Success students leave the program more prepared and confident than before. Current Lake Worth campus student, Cherlande Collins said:

“Signing up for Dress for Success program was one of the best choices I have made. Being part of the program has helped me to embrace and believe in myself. For many years, I have struggled with low self-esteem. Coming from a foreign country, one of my biggest challenges was the language barrier.
When I met Doctor Diane Katz and her team, I started to realize that I am worth more and nothing can stop me from becoming a successful woman. The team is excellent. They provide professional outfits for a whole week. They helped with my resume and prepared me for job interviews.
With the help of the team, I am now ready and prepared for the job of my dreams. Dress for success program helped me build my confidence in becoming the woman I have always wanted to be.
It is a great way to promote self-esteem and also an empowering environment for young women like me who thrives to succeed in life. It took me to the next step of my life.”

These services and more are provided to each participating student at no charge. Dress for Success is truly the gift that keeps on giving.

Erika Rolle

Staff Writer, Lake Worth Campus