Dr. Jean Wihbey is a go-getter

By Yona Mishanina

In 2009, Dr. Jean Wihbey joined Palm Beach State College’s academic affairs team.  As the provost of the Palm Beach Gardens Campus, she’s constantly looking for ways to develop relationships to help make others successful on campus and in their educationalpursuits.

“I like to spend time planning and understanding what people’s needs are, their particular motivation and interest, and then, try to find out what the community I am engaged with wants,” said Dr. Wihbey, who credits her career success with a combination of passion and action.

Her office is perfectly organized and filled with literature on personal success, including multiple magazines on leadership and development.

She has written four articles on strong leadership, student and social networking, the first-year experience and the community role of a college leader.  Additionally, she has given motivational and informational speeches.

Dr. Wihbey believes that Palm Beach State College has an obligation to its community to share the information and to engage the community in the knowledge of what is happening.

“I spend a lot of time thinking and reading about what is going on that will make a difference in people’s lives,” she said.

Before she joined Palm Beach State College, Dr. Wihbey served at four community colleges in her home state of Connecticut.

After she graduated from Fairfield University with a bachelor’s in economics, she owned and operated three businesses for 10 years. Then, she
decided to go back to school and earned her master’s in counseling from Southern Connecticut University. Two years later, she earned a Ph. D in
educational psychology from the University of Connecticut.