Dr. Gallon sets standards high for future president

Alexandra Desravines

Staff Writer, Lake Worth Campus

Honors College Medallion Ceremony

Dr. Dennis P Gallon, who has been the President of Palm Beach State College, since 1997, is set to retire on June 30, 2015. “The decision of retiring was a very difficult decision to make” said Gallon, “one of the biggest contributing factor of that decision was family.”

The Palm Beach State College President justified that being the president of an institution has made him feel like a very fortunate individual, but that it had taken him away from many things and family was one of them.

Dr. Gallon, who served as President for 17 years, accentuated that he felt he’d been part of something extraordinary during his term. Driven by the mission of this institution, lot of changes took place during Dr. Gallon’s term.

Palm Beach Community College became Palm Beach State College. PBSC, became the seventh largest of 28 colleges comprising the Florida College System, and started offering its first Bachelor’s degree in fall 2009. The institution went from offering A.A degrees to offering certifications, Public Safety Programs, Nursing Programs and much more, attracting thousands of students annually.

“He’s always maintained our mission, for opening access for students” expressed Associate Dean of Public Safety, Barbara M. Cipriano and added, “He was always concerned about the student’s accessibility and affordability.” The President was praised for his school activity involvement and Dr. Dennis P. Gallon, the fourth president of Palm Beach State College, shared that heis “most apprehensive about the anxiety of not working with students in the future.” Dr. Gallon, who completed the requirements for his Ph.D. at the University of Florida, shared that he was “fortunate to have had the ability to work with a great team over the years.”

With so many accomplishments attained to develop this institution, Dr. Gallon explained that he wanted “to be remembered for was that he was committed to make this institution the best that it could be for the students.”