Doctor Strange: Marvel’s magical man

John Perez

Sports Editor, Lake Worth Campus

Mesmerizing special effects and stunning set pieces help make Doctor Strange more of an experience than a film. Marvel Studios’ 14th film takes several qualities that made its predecessors successful. However, it adds its own unique spin on everything, both figuratively and literally.

The titular doctor defeats his enemies by casting spells that create supernatural weapons and warp his current setting. These enchanting fighting tactics help lend the audience a sense of familiarity and freshness. This film looks like a superhero movie because of these elements, but it feels like something completely different.

Most movie buffs are accustomed to Marvel’s movie-making formula. This cinematic recipe consists of captivating CGI effects, an attention-grabbing storyline, and a climax that leaves the audience longing for a sequel. Doctor Strange simultaneously follows and challenges this thematic status quo by executing all of these steps in excess. Marvel Studios’ current installment makes sure that the audience is flooded with digital imagery at all times.

Many scenes in this film are characterized by settings that are in perpetual motion. This occurs when Strange shifts from one dimension to another or manipulates buildings in kaleidoscopic fashion. These filmmaking techniques are hurled constantly at the audience to keep viewers interested and engaged. Marvel values flashy delivery over nuance in this movie compared to its previous films.

Viewers are treated to a smorgasbord of magic spells and relics that add to the legitimacy and mystique of Doctor Strange. Strange makes use of a bevy of magical items while battling his foes and outside of combat. This helps differentiate Strange from his powerful peers because he is in a perpetual state of otherworldly influence.

Marvel Studios prevails in breaking its own hero-making mold in this movie. Doctor Strange is not a traditional superhero in the sense that he does not have to build devices or be born into a mythical family in order to endow himself with powers. Instead, he must delve deep and train relentlessly in order to become a master of the magical arts.

Unlike its past films, Marvel strays from categorizing Strange as a “superhero” because of his unusual abilities. Doctor Strange chooses to substitute the “hero” label for the moniker sorcerer. The film reminds the audience of this reality sporadically so viewers will gradually understand Strange’s unearthly identity.

Many filmgoers will be taken aback by Doctor Strange because of its quirky and offbeat nature. This movie will not adapt to your expectations of a typical superhero flick. Viewers will have to conform to its expectations of what it wants to be: a crisp, jaw-dropping spectacle that will leave everyone wanting more from Marvel’s mystical son.