Clash of the Arts

by Michelle Ramirez, Belle Glade Campus Editor

“Models are prepped backstage at Clash of the Arts.”

“Models are prepped backstage at Clash of the Arts.”

Veronica Mila

“Veronica Mila, Creator of Clash of the Arts.”


When talent in Belle Glade asks for help, the town joins in. Models, singers, comedians, photographers, dancers, and even kids in martial arts all came together to help Veronica Mila, who created “Clash of the Arts.” The talent show blasted the roof off of the Dolly Hand Cultural Arts Center, Saturday, November 2.

The show featured Zumba dancers who had the crowed pumped with three body-shaking songs of non-stop hype.

Finding a soft spot in the audience were the beautiful sisters, Michelle Eaves and Patricia Cook, who performed “Only Hope” by Mandy Moore. They also sang “Wrecking Ball” by Miley Cyrus and asked the crowed to sing along.

Other designers besides Mila came to show off their personally designed clothes.  Models for designer Jazmin Sears were little girls who walked the runway properly, dressed in colorful, puffed tutus. JazMarie’s clothing line is about haute couture, a style she considers her future.

Jazmin said, “Haute Couture is high fashion. They are outfits that are fancier to wear and take a lot of time and creativity to make (each) the perfect piece.”

On the other hand, Veronica Mila’s clothes are more youthful. This is a theme close to Veronica’s heart.  She was in a life-threatening car accident and feels as though she was given a second chance.

Clash of the Arts was the first fashion show Veronica financed on her own. She wanted to do the show big because she knew that was the best way to be taken seriously.  She realized that recruiting talent would bring a crowd, giving her more people to notice her designs being modeled.

Artist Lace Skyy provided assistance with models. “I love working with young women, helping them with confidence, helping them to realize that their true beauty.” She did not only do most of the models’ hair, but served as a coach, training models to walk and pose with confidence.

Everyone who attended had a great time. Those on stage had a wonderful opportunity to showcase their talent.  But the afternoon belonged to Veronica Mila, who brought the community together for a show many will remember.