Boca Raton Campus Student Government Association President Riya Patel

Walking into any new college environment with the walls plastered in “SGA upcoming events, one must wonder, “What is the Student Government Association anyway? What role do they play? How do they really impact the college and students?”

The Student Government Association is far more than a club; we engage in cultural, academic, and social affairs, along with a strong foundation of leadership and fun of course! Student Government hosts many events throughout each semester to get all students excited about their education, relieve stress of the semester and most importantly, to bring them together as a family.

The Boca campus is proud to announce our “ Township Hall meeting” on October 6th, to address and solve any issues students may have on campus; whether it’s the parking, food or any issues with classes, we are more than happy to help ensure that your experience here at Palm Beach State Boca Campus is the best it can be !

We are also excited to announce on October 7th, we are having our DJ Battle, a contest to select a great new DJ for our upcoming Octoberbash, our festive spin on homecoming taking place on October 30th, from 7 P.M-12 A.M .Hope to see you there!


Riya Patel

SGA President, Boca