Belle Glade Welcomes New Student Activities Manager

Briana Thomas

Staff Writer, Belle Glade

Mr. Andrew Barrett, Student Activities Manager, Belle Glade Campus. Photo by Kiama Williams-Robinso

Mr. Andrew Barrett is the current Student Activities Manager at the Belle Glade Campus. He is originally from Long Island, New York. While in Long Island, Mr. Barrett worked in various administrative positions, ranging from registration to financial aid. After transitioning to Florida, Barrett worked briefly as a Financial Aid Specialist at Palm Beach State College right before moving on to a broader job as Corporate/Director of Financial Aid at a career training school, Med Vance Institute. Mr. Barrett has been working in the postsecondary for a total of 25 years.

Mr. Barrett has been on the job for only two weeks. In that short span of time, Barrett has already made an imprint on the minds of the students. One student in particular, Rodney Brown said this about Mr. Barrett’s first impression, “I have met him. He’s a very nice guy.’ Rodney said he plans on joining a student activity, though as of now, he has not made his decision on which one he would like to become a part of.

Having an individual such as Mr. Barrett in charge of engaging students to join clubs, student government, and volunteer activities, will give students a sense of belonging. Not only in a club, but in school. As for the challenges Mr. Barrett thinks he will face? “Getting students to join clubs!”