Belle Glade Campus Student Government Association President Vintwon Jones

Dear Fellow Students:

We have plenty of activities and events that we will be hosting throughout the semester. We hosted a couple of events recently at our campus. The events were the student forum, and the re-count voting election project. There are other events that are going to take place as well down the line at the Belle Glade Campus.Vintwon Jones SGA President Belle Glade

Our upcoming events will be extravagant and they will also help promote SGA around campus to students. Initially, we plan on hosting a Talent show that will promote student talents around the campus.

In addition, we are going to be hosting a read aloud where SGA members go out to elementary schools and promote higher education to kids. We are also conducting a food drive which will commence very soon. This event will help give back to the community and the families that are in poverty.

As the SGA, we look forward to promote student excellence around campus, and creating growth within our students.


Vintwon Jones Hardy Johnson

President Vice President

Belle Glade Campus Student Government Association