Beachcomber handpicks content just for you

Yona Mishanina Co-Editor-In-Chief

By Yona Mishanina

When our team creates a new issue of Beachcomber, we always think about our reader. We constantly ask ourselves, who reads our newspaper? Is he/she a young person who just got out of high school or an adult who’s returning to receive a certificate or degree? With that in mind, we choose the content for the paper in a way that everybody finds something of interest to him or her.
When we were working on the February issue, we have handpicked those articles that would not only highlight the main campus events, but also the main community events of the month of February. Therefore, when reading this issue, you will find the latest movie reviews, Valentine’s Day tips and insightful Pantherella thoughts on relationships, friendship and success. Also, Black History Month has not gone unnoticed.
This year, the Black History Month tradition officially has a new theme: Black Women in American Culture and History. When I was taking a Women in Literature class last semester, we learned how hard it was for black women to work their way through the harsh repression of slavery. The history of Black History Month goes back to 1915, half of the century after the slavery in the United States was abolished by the Thirteenth Amendment. In 1926, among all months, February was chosen to celebrate the National Negro History Week on its second week, which coincides with the birthdays of Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass.
In decades that followed, Negro History Week gained more and more popularity. And in the late 1960s it evolved into a Black History Month. Since then, Black History Month has become an official annual country-wide celebration of black Americans and their achievements. This year, as always, throughout the campuses of Palm Beach State, student clubs and organizations recognize the historical achievements with movie nights, exhibitions and guest speaker presentations in order to celebrate the contributions of African Americans to our society.Every month is different in terms of what it is dedicated to. I consider February to be one of the happiest, as it recognizes diversity, celebrating love, happiness and equal rights.