Avengers Academy Vol.1 Permanent Record Graphic Novel Review

By Christian Alonso
Boca Raton Campus
Entertainment Writer

Wow… If this is the next Avengers then we are so FUCKED. But hey you know the old saying “never judge a book by its cover” and this is one of those instances to not judge a book by its cover; because this book is AWESOME with a capital ‘A’.

Avengers Academy does look like a pirated copy of DC’s Teen Titans and let’s faces it; this is not the first time that both companies have pirated each other’s work. To sum it all up, yes it’s kind of a pirated copy of Teen Titans but there’s a little more to it.

The story is about the aftermath to the events of Dark Reign, some of the former avengers are teachers, who are helping out a group of older teens and young twenty something characters, whose been chosen as the next avengers, but something doesn’t feel quite right to them.

They all look at their “permanent record” and found out that they weren’t picked to be the next avengers; they were picked because they were the most likely of candidates to be the next Masters of Evil (Wow, they are so going to need a new group name).

The storyline in this book is pretty damn good. The writer, Christos Gage, handles each of these characters very well and with great detail. Giving the readers a chance for more depth and insight of each character and imagining the situation they are in, then building the storyline with it.

The book’s cover artist, Mike McKone is a pretty damn good artist and did a great job for the first four issues. Now there’s Jorge Molina, which to be fair is not a bad artist at all, but titling is not his specialty, at all.

The group doesn’t look like they’re in their early twenties, they look much older. Mettle (the red looking dude) is supposed to look a bit big and a little muscular, but Jorge drew him like he’s the “Red fucking Hulk.” Thank God Mike did return to electrify us on issue six.

Although the title seems to have been pirated from DC, Marvel does a great job keeping the reader on the edge of their seats. The book is definitely a good read.

Rating: 4 ½ stars out 5