Aspira Club makes first impressions a lasting impression

Every year, millions of visitors get their first glimpse of the Sunshine State from their car windows as they travel along Florida’s highways and streets. First impressions are known to be long lasting and impact how someone views the area. Is it right to show them miles of roadway cluttered with litter? Or should groups of volunteers clean our green tree-lined streets that truly represent Florida’s natural beauty?

The Aspira Club adopted one mile of 6th Avenue South from Congress Avenue to Kirk Road as part of the road side clean-up project.  In early October, club members picked up litter and other debris along the road to help enhance the beauty of the surrounding neighborhood.  “We are committed to serving our local community, through the Adopt-a-Road initiative we are improving the aesthetics and environment of our local roads one trash bag at a time,” said Aida Rodriguez, ASPIRA Club President.

Groups interested in adopting a Palm Beach County road may visit 

for additional information.