Ask Pantherella

By Joycelyn McCoy
Production Manager
What do you do when the mentor that you look up to just slams your future and you have little to none motivation to do something that you love? -Anonymous
Simple answer: Prove them wrong. Anything negative they have to say about you, don’t take it personal, show them that you can be the person that you want them to be. Yes, it might take some soul searching and a couple of life experiences to see if you are really the problem or they just don’t want to see you to succeed. It is hard when you have aspiring goals and ambitions and in a split second your ever longing dreams are crushed.
The reasons why people always talk down to you is because  they don’t want to see you succeed,  or they are jealous, or just plain out dislike you to their inner most being. Let’s face it, the world isn’t completely innocent and you are not going to live day by day in happiness and solitude. You are going to deal with hardships, disappointments, tragedies, and just flat out terrible never ending days almost every 365 days a year.  So let me tell you some guidelines on how not to let one person just ruin your life with just some airheaded opinionated words.
  • Don’t take anything personal. Just let the words roll off your back.  If you take everything personal, it will prevent you to be productive.
  • Just see their negative words as strength.
  • Become better than what they expect.

But most importantly, if you announce your goals out loud to your peers, it will most likely backfire. When you do activities toward your goal without saying it out loud, your motivation and your commitment will be strong, but once you voice your goal, your hard work will not be as strong. So it is better that your actions speak louder than your words.