Ask Pantherella

Dear Pantherella,

I just met this guy not too long ago and he got into some dangerous issues. Should I help? Or leave it alone. Help!

Compassionately confused.

Dear fellow Panther,

I completely understand your concern for this individual, as you may have already

developed some close feelings towards your friendship. However, you must also keep in mind

that you have not known each other for very long and you are not fully aware of his capabilities.

My advice to you would be that if his “dangerous issues” contains drugs, alcohol, or any illegal

activities, it would be best to offer friendly advice and direct him to positive resources. I once

found myself in a situation similar to yours, and have learned from my own experience that it

is very easy to become too involved and consumed by someone else’s issues. No matter how

hard you may try or how compassionate you may be, the only one that can truly help and make a

change, is the individual themselves. Offer moral and emotional support, but try your best not to

lose a sense of reality! I wish you and your friend the best of luck, hope this helps you out!

– Pantherella

Dear Pantherella,

How to balance school and work?

Overwhelmed and stressed

Dear fellow Panther,

I know juggling both school and work is quite overwhelming; I too find myself facing the

same dilemma! However, I have come across some great tips that really helped to accommodate

my very busy schedule. First, sit down with both your school and work schedules and create a

calendar for the month. Note the days and times you will be at each obligation, you can color

code and use fun markers. Notice when you do this you can also see the blank spaces in between

where you aren’t involved in either obligation. Use these times to now schedule in your own

recreational time as well as much needed study and homework. By doing this you will begin to

create a structure of your daily activities, which will then become an easy going routine. You

must schedule in some down time throughout the week, or else you may yourself very stressed

out. Another great tip, is to find resources like McGraw – Hill, you may recognize the name

as they are the publishers of many textbooks used in our college. McGraw –Hill goes beyond

just textbooks; they dive into virtual learning and have resources such as “LearnSmart” and

“SmartBook”. These products are designed to make studying easy on the go! You can read and

practice material on your laptop or download their convenient app to your phone, so that you can

study while you’re on the go or at work! Hope this helps!

– Pantherella

Dear Pantherella,

How do you find guys that aren’t jerks?

Tired of looking

Dear fellow Panther,

The first key to finding a guy that is not a jerk is to first analyze the way you may be portraying yourself. This may be contributing to the fact that you are attracting these types of men.

Second, refrain from picking guys up at clubs, bars, or any event with large quantities of alcohol.

Third, throw yourself into positive actives, which will then lead you to be around positive people, such as joining a club at school or engaging in tutoring sessions on campus, to meet like-minded, goal setting individuals.

Fourth, would be, to be yourself! Your own inner beauty and positivity will be sure to attract someone into your life that will have the utmost respect for you. There is nothing better than being a strong minded woman. Good Luck!

– Pantherella

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